Think initiatives is a special space dedicated for blogs regarding personal health and growth. We aim to share our knowledge, experiences and news in a unique and personal way.

If you would like a platform to publish your content and make your voice heard, drop me an email at tomcurran997@hotmail.com.

I’ve been writing on and off now for a few years, originally creating this site to help prospective Erasmus students moving to France (before realising there was no way I could make money out of that). Due to uni commitments, work and general laziness, I’ve not been as active on this as I should have been. So I’ve decided to rebrand the site, buy a domain and get serious.

I have a passion for writing, sharing my experiences, telling shit jokes and helping other people with my awful advice. If you take any of my advice and your life turns to shit, your wife leaves you or you get sacked, it’s on your own head, bro.

Although most bloggers recommend finding your ‘niche’ in terms of writing, I don’t have one, and I really couldn’t care less. I write about everything – including mental health, languages, business, neuroscience, fitness/calisthenics, increasing your productivity etc etc. If I think it’s worth writing about, I’ll write about it. Just for you and your viewing pleasure. No need to thank me.

That’s about it. You’re welcome.